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Improve your skin for summer and how to get valuable coupons
May 12, 2011

Welcome to another edition of The Buzz! With the summer months on the very near horizon it seems by the questions I am getting asked that many of you are paying more attention to your skin!

So lets discuss skin health and how the bees can help! I often get emailed questions about healthy skin recommendations and even the details of my personal skin health program. I'm more than happy to share those with you as healthy skin starts from the inside out, meaning what you put in your body is often more important that what you put on your body!

Recommendation # 1: Drink only this type of water

Drink 12 glasses of filtered water per day or more if you experience a high amount of fluid loss. Very important - by filtered water I mean Reverse Osmosis water, not basic carbon filters or Brita's. Tap water has been detected to contain over 200 different chemicals and carbon filters don't remove many of these chemicals. Reverse Osmosis is the only system that does. Clean water intake is your # 1 detoxifier and moisturizer for your skin.

Recommendation # 2: Eat bee pollen daily

The number one benefit I hear about from our customers all over the world from regular bee pollen consumption is healthier hair, skin and nails. This is due to the high vitamin, mineral and protein content of high quality bee pollen products. 1 - 2 tablespoons per day is all it takes for healthier skin!

Recommendation # 3: Take your skin oils...

Skin oils? Yes. By now I'm sure you've heard of the Omega oils. (Omega 3, 6 and 9) These oils are critical for skin health. One particular oil called GLA is especially important for glowing, radiant skin. I take and highly recommend Borage Oil.

Recommendation #4: Use only natural skin products

Use only natural, holistic skin products. There are hundreds and hundreds of chemicals used by the cosmetic industry that are not safe or healthy for your skin. These chemicals may look good for the time they are on your skin, but they are drying out and damaging your skin at the same time. I use The Miracle Cream (face cream) daily. It contains nothing synthetic and has bee pollen, royal jelly and raw honey in it.

One rule I live by when it comes to cosmetics and skin care products - if you can't eat it, it should NOT go on your body. Your skin will absorb whatever is in the product you put on your skin.

Recommendation #5: Take a Multi-Vitamin with Silica in it

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. Take a high quality multi-vitamin and mineral formula each day. And for optimal skin health, ensure that your formula contains silica. Silica is a European beauty secret and does many, many healthy things in the body including strengthening your hair, skin and nails.

It is also important to ensure that you're formula contains a high amount of age defying anti-oxidants. Look for high amounts of natural Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Beta-Carotene. Zinc and Biotin are also important.

I hope you find these recommendations helpful. There is more that you can do for your skin each day but I will be writing further on this topic in the future.

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As always, Bee Healthy!


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