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February 17, 2011

February sure is flying by! In no time at all it will be spring again and we can get back to absorbing some sunshine! I find that February is a tough month for many people and I get many emails with tales of the winter blues. I can relate!

Some things you can do for the Winter Blues include increasing your intake of Omega 3 fatty acids (preferably from fish), using a supplement called 5-HTP (a serotonin precursor) or trying some sun light therapy. I use something called a HappyLite each morning and I love it! It makes a real difference.

Bee Pollen Chewables are here!

We now have chewable bee pollen tablets in our web store! Many of you write telling me of your problems swallowing pills or how you can't really tolerate the raw granules. So, I went on the hunt for another option for you and found these!

We have two options for you. A 1500 mg tablet and a 520 mg tablet. They taste great and are extremely convenient. Oh, and they're going like hot cakes so far so get your bottle soon!

I'll be taking a family vacation soon and these will be in my luggage. They are great for traveling - super convenient and a nice little reminder of home!

Our new Bee Pollen chewables can be found in our web store here.

Royal Jelly For Colitis

Royal Jelly never seizes to amaze me. Read my latest article on a recent study revealing how royal jelly may help you in your treatment of this difficult condition.

My article, Using Royal Jelly for Colitis can be found here.

Another Study on Using Honey for Allergies

And I'm excited to reveal another new study supporting what many of us already know - raw honey helps reduce allergy symptoms.

Read my new article here.

Follow Bee Pollen Buzz on Facebook!

I'd like to also invite you to follow me on Facebook!

I will be offering many amazing bonus' to all of my Facebook followers including money saving coupons, all the latest info on bee products and bee's as well as sales and exciting new products.

It's also a place you can interact with me more easily. Post your questions and comments and also interact with fellow bee lovers.

Visit the Bee Pollen Facebook page and click on the 'Like' button at the top of the page.

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Shipping sure isn't cheap, especially considering the price of gas these days. I'd like to help. Here is $5.00 off the shipping of your next order over $50.00. I hope it helps.

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Bee healthy ~ Angela
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