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Reduce stress with raw honey! Boost good cholesterol with propolis!
June 22, 2011

Welcome to another edition of The Buzz! Do you have stress and anxiety in your life? (who doesn't, right?) Or do you know someone who worries about their cholesterol levels? Well, let's call this issue The Zen Issue because I have several 'anti-stress, anti-anxiety' options from the hive for you as well as news on how to boost your good cholesterol. AND I've extended our June Summer Sale until the end of the month!

Propolis Reduces Anxiety & Stress

Virtually all of us have some level of stress in our lives today. It turns out that the bees even have a solution for this!

If you are looking for a natural stress solution, read more here.

Honey Reduces Anxiety Too!

Can honey get any 'sweeter?' Studies are now showing that not only does it taste great and offer a myriad of health benefits, but it also has stress reducing properties!

Read about honey's stress reducing capabilities here.

Boost Your Good Cholesterol

Cholesterol drugs are some of the top selling medications in the world. Unfortunately, the studies show that they don't actually reduce heart attacks. What if there was a natural option that had no side effects and was inexpensive yet effective?

Read about your natural option from the bees here.

Hot Summer Savings Still On!

In the last issue of The Buzz we offered some BIG savings on some of our top products including our 2 kg (4.4 pound) Bee Pollen, our Royal Jelly 120 cap bottles, our 120 cap Propolis bottles AND our GLA Skin Oil.

This sale was only supposed to last until June 14th. But, due to overwhelming success, we've decided to extend these sale prices until June 30th. So don't wait - we can't offer these prices very often.

Postal Strike in Canada - Update

As many of you are aware, the national postal company in Canada (Canada Post) is on strike. While we normally use Canada Post for our deliveries around the world, we are using an alternate courier company and are still shipping orders with no delays.

Suffering From Allergies?

I recently received two amazing testimonials from customers who are using bee pollen for allergy relief. If you or someone you love is suffering from seasonal allergies, I highly suggest you read these testimonials.

After clicking on the link, scroll to the very bottom of the page to the Comments section.

Read the allergy testimonials here.


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As always, Bee Healthy!


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