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Royal Jelly helps with arthritis and Propolis reduces anxiety
August 25, 2013

Angela here from Bee Pollen Welcome to another issue of The Buzz, our free e-zine covering Natural Health From the Hive!

Its back to school time once again! Are you busy getting kids and grandkids ready to return to the classroom? Now is a great time to start boosting the immune systems of our young ones with raw honey and propolis - lots of germs to be shared in the coming weeks as our classrooms fill up!

Royal Jelly May Help Treat Arthritis

Are you one of the millions dealing with an inflammatory condition such as arthritis or joint pain? We now know that there are compounds found in royal jelly that block the inflammatory messengers that lead to joint damage in arthritis patients.

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Propolis Reduces Anxiety

Back to school time can be quite stressful and anxious, can't it. New routines to get into, clothes to buy, lunches to make. The list goes on and on. If you find yourself needing some stress relief, bee propolis just might be what you're looking for.

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Royal Jelly Sale!

Our Premium Royal Jelly capsules are very popular. We recently ran in to a supply issue and were out of stock for about a month. I sincerely apologize if you were one affected by this. Our Premium Royal Jelly capsules are now back in stock and ready to ship!

As a small token of our appreciation for your patience and the inconvenience we caused with this shortage, we have put our Premium Royal Jelly capsules on super sale for a few days only. This sale price ends September 1st, 2013.

Reg Price $33.99

Sale Price $28.99

Exclusive Back to School Coupon

For the last time this summer and to celebrate our kids and grandkids heading back to the classroom, we have an exclusive coupon for our Buzz subscribers. As always, please don't pass this coupon on as it is meant for our subscribers only. It is also rather substantial and we can't be giving out to many of these!

Get your coupon code here.

Do You Suffer From Terrible PMS?

Ladies, do you suffer from rather harsh PMS symptoms? Are symptoms such as mood swings, irritability, pain and cramping all to common in your life at this time of the month?

If so, I'm here to tell you that this is not normal. It is not normal for women to suffer this much and I've got a natural solution for you.

Read about my natural relief protocol here.

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