Lorna Vanderhaeghe Products

Active Collagen

  • Eliminate wrinkles
  • Anti-aging
  • Internal moisturizer


  • Stress
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Improve sleep
  • Boost energy

Bone Booster

  • Build bone
  • Osteoporosis
  • Heart health
  • With Vitamin K2 MK7


  • Improves memory
  • Slows memory decline
  • Revitalizes brain neurons
  • Improves symptoms of Alzheimers

Cala-Q Plus

  • Promotes a healthy heart
  • Promotes normal blood pressure
  • Lowers bad cholesterol

Celadrin Skin Therapy Cream

  • Treats psoriasis, eczema and rosacea
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles


  • Reduces appearance of cellulite
  • Firms, smoothes and tones

Collagen Plus

  • Thicker, stronger hair & nails
  • Smooth, beautiful skin
  • Stops receding gums

CLA Plus

  • Accelerate fat loss
  • Boost muscle
  • Control blood sugar


  • Eliminate gas & bloating
  • Supports healthy digestion


  • Detoxify your liver
  • Normalize hormones
  • Healthy breasts
  • Eliminate PMS

EstroSmart Plus

  • Boost fertility
  • Detoxify your liver
  • Normalize hormones
  • Healthy breasts
  • Eliminate PMS

GLA Skin Oil

  • Ensures beautiful, smooth, glowing skin
  • Treats eczema, psoriasis & dermatitis
  • Stops breast & period pain


  • Reduces belly fat
  • Blood sugar control
  • Stops male facial hair growth
  • Halts skin tags
  • Helps PCOS


  • Reduces duration of colds and flu
  • Balances the immune system
  • Reduces allergies
  • Controls autoimmune responses


  • Helps to prevent & treat iron deficiency anemia
  • Helps in the proper function and formation of red blood cells
  • Delicious caramel flavor
  • Non-constipating


  • 7 day fast joint pain relief
  • Reduces arthritic stiffness

LOVE Lubricant

  • Restores vaginal lubrication
  • Water Based and soothing
  • Latex Friendly 
  • Non-Staining & Non-Toxic

Magnesium Bisglycinate

  • Lowers high blood pressure
  • Relieves muscle cramps and twitching 
  • Supports the heart, nervous system & cellular energy


  • Supports the heart, nervous system and cellular energy
  • Relieves muscle cramps 
  • Supports healthy muscle function

Melatonin Plus

  • Relieves restlessness
  • Promotes deep, restful sleep
  • Stops nighttime waking
  • Alleviates jet lag and shift-work sleep problems


  • Relief from hot flashes
  • Fewer sleep disturbances
  • Reduced irritability, nervousness and loss of concentration
  • Stops night sweats


  • Neutralizes free radicals responsible for premature aging
  • Supports normal cardiovascular function 
  • Boosts energy and endurance 
  • Balances blood sugar

Probiotic Plus

  • Relief from urinary tract infections
  • Control candida yeast infections 
  • Stops burning during urination 
  • Protects your liver from the effects of antibiotics

Women's Whey

  • Accelerates fat loss
  • Delicious tasting
  • Easy mixing
  • 100% natural flavoring


  •  Increases desire
  • Increases libido 
  • Improves sexual arousal 
  • Increases sexual response 
  • Improves orgasm ability


  • Contains decaffeinated green coffee bean extract clinically researched for weight management
  • Helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels
  • Helps support cardiovascular health


  • Relieves restlessness
  • Promotes deep, restful sleep
  • Stops nighttime waking
  • Promotes relaxation 


  • Improves mood
  • Enhances serotonin, our happy hormone 
  • Reduces severity and duration of migraines
  • Reduces PMS symptoms


  • For those with low thyroid
  • Supports thyroid health 
  • Improves conversion of T4 to T3
  • Enhances weight loss


  • Supports vein health and reduces varicose veins
  • Helps decrease the edema and inflammation associated with varicose veins
  • Eliminates heavy feeling legs and swelling of legs

Vitamin D Drops

  • 1000 IU's of Vitamin D per drop
  • Promotes bone health
  • Supports oral health

Beautiful Skin Begins Within

A Smart Woman's Guide to Hormones

A Smart Woman's Guide to Weight Loss

I highly recommend Lorna's products. They are scientifically sound and are backed by research. I have had tremendous success using her products personally, in our health food stores and with clients.

To read more about or purchase one of her products, simply click on the product below.

Custom Supplement & Nutrition Programs Offered: 

If you need assistance in determining which of Lorna's products you need for your unique situation, we are happy to have one our Nutritional Advisors work with you in designing a custom therapeutic protocol using the wide number of products we have available.  This is a free service but you will be recommended a protocol based on taking specific products and following certain nutritional strategies.   Contact us here for recommendations.

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