The Product Every Woman Should be Taking Daily

With the toxic world we live in, it is my belief that virtually everyone needs be taking a detox product such as EstroSmart on a daily basis.  Doing a cleanse or detox once a year is no longer enough - we must detox daily.

What to Expect From EstroSmart:

  • Maintains healthy estrogen to progesterone balance
  • Protects your breasts
  • Reduces and eliminates breast cysts
  • Detoxifies the liver of carcinogenic estrogens found in plastics, pesticides, cosmetics and more
  • Stops flooding, heavy, debilitating periods
  • Halts abnormal cell growth (fibroids, cysts, endometriosis)
  • PCOS and ovarian cysts
  • Eliminates PMS and makes periods effortless
  • Maintains healthy PAP smears
  • Eliminates hormonal acne

Why I Love EstroSmart

By Angela Ysseldyk, RNCP

Estrosmart is a product that I believe that every woman should be on to protect her breasts, aid in periods and ovulation (making getting pregnant easier), clear up hormonal acne and provide a daily detox.

I take it because both of my grandmothers had their breasts removed due to estrogen related breast cancer.

Protection From Hormonal Diseases

I take EstroSmart because I am sensitive to hormone havoc, environmental chemicals and 'break out' if my hormones are out of whack.

Fertility = Sign of Good Health

I take it because it has helped me tremendously before, during and after having my kids.  It helped me get pregnant very easily (and I can attest to the hundreds of emails received by the creator of this product, Lorna Vanderhaeghe).  She receives hundreds of baby pictures showing their appreciation for Estrosmart and Estrosmart Plus which have aided in fertilization.

Estrosmart PLUS is used for those who are on a mission and/or thinking about getting pregnant.  It has additional nutrients to help balance out progesterone and increase likelihood of fertilization.  I only had to think that I wanted to get pregnant and come from a history of random irregular periods.  I started on Estrosmart 4 years before I became pregnant and when it was time and my husband I were ready to start ‘’trying’’, we got pregnant on the first attempt.

Normal PAP Tests (one of the most important annual tests every women should be getting)

I have had only one abnormal PAP smear in my life and after a year of taking Estrosmart, it was normalized again.  I have never had an abnormal PAP again.  Estrosmart lowers 16-hydroxyestrone, which causes abnormal cell growth.

Decrease Unnecessary Hysterectomies, Shrink Fibroids, Breast Lumps, Thick Uterine Lining and Cysts

I have had so much amazing feedback in the 10 years I have been working with this product, from the hundreds of women I personally work with and the thousands of women that Lorna Vanderhaeghe has helped.  She originally created this to help shrink her fibroids and has been able to avoid a hysterectomy because of it.

Prevention is not sexy and thinking about your periods is not 'hot.' Normalizing your hormones takes a dedicated, consistent effort.  It is not a quick fix and will usually take about 3 months to see some benefits.  Unless you live in a vacuum you will be bombarded with environmental toxins throughout your lifetime.

Protection From Environmental Xenoestrogens  

Think of Estrosmart like an insurance plan which protects you from Xenoestrogens in our environment.  Xenoestrogens wreak havoc on our hormones and actually mimic real hormones.  They fit into the receptors and tell the brain to add more receptor sites.  

Xenoestrogens can lead to estrogen dominance and they trigger a cascade of effects such as abnormal cell growth, irregular periods, hormonal acne, endometriosis, fibroids, beer bellies and more.  Xenoestrogens come from chemicals so your liver has to metabolize them.  Overall we can avoid these by choosing organic, natural cleaning products and cosmetics and organic foods.   Unless you stop breathing the air and drinking water, you WILL and your family will be affected by Xenoestrogens.   

Estrosmart works by helping to decrease the absorption of xenoestrogens.  It helps you to bypass their triggers and helps the body get rid of them via the liver. Estrosmart triggers Phase I and Phase II detoxification. 

  • Halts conversion of 2-hydroxyestrone metabolites to carcinogenic estrogens (16-hydroxyestrone)

Helps With Abnormal and Heavy Periods 

If you are having 45 day cycles followed by a 15 day cycle and your periods are all over the map, Estrosmart is your friend. 

Having heavy periods can be a result of fluctuating estrogen and usually because of a high estrogen to progesterone ratio.  It is common in teens and people in peri-menopause.  If you experience super heavy periods, you may also have low thyroid and as a result also end up with low iron levels.  Heavy periods because of high estrogen can be tamed with additional use of Estrosmart.

Helps You to Ovulate 

You may know that you are having trouble ovulating if during the 2 weeks before your period you get raging acne around your chin line. Also if you do not get bloating cramps then ovulation may not be happening either.   This is not always the case.  Some people have no idea they are not ovulating until they try to get pregnant.   What sometimes happens is that because of estrogen dominance the egg gets stuck and you won’t ovulate properly.   Estrosmart is an ovulation helper because it helps lower the 'bad' estrogens and allows the natural ratio to occur.  It helps the egg to get ‘’unstuck’’ and normalize. 

Protects You From the Birth Control Pill 

Did you know that the birth control pill contains more estrogen than HRT?  Many millions of you are on the pill - taking Estrosmart will help protect you from the negative effects and when you eventually go off of it, EstroSmart will help to ease the transition back to your regular periods. Protect yourself ladies.

Detox, Shrink Fat Cells, Prevent Cellulite  

Estrosmart contains amazing compounds and nutrients that help the body, especially the liver, to detox daily.  When there are toxins and high estrogen, this triggers our fat cells to grow – we end up with belly fat (and men too) as well as cellulite.  There is a link between toxins and high estrogen and cellulite!


2 Capsules of EstroSmart Contain:

Calcium D-Glucarate....150 mg, Indole-3-Carbinol (plant sourced) 150 mg, Green Tea Extract (30:1 from 3000 mg of Green Tea—caffeine free—80% Polyphenols) 100 mg, Turmeric (95% Curcumin) 50 mg, DIM (di-indolyImethane) 50 mg, Rosemary Extract (10:1 from 250 mg of Rosemary) (6% Carnosic Acid) 25 mg, Sulforaphane (from BroccophaneTM broccoli sprout Extract) 200 mcg

EstroSmart Plus:

Contains the same ingredients as EstroSmart as well as:

Zinc (citrate) (elemental).....6 mg

Chastetree Berry Extract (Vitex Angus castus) (Fruit).....80 mg

Vegan Friendly

  • EstroSmart contains the equivalent cancer protecting plant nutrients as eating 2.2 lbs of cruciferous vegetables (Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, etc.)

Recommended Dosage

Adults (12 years and older):

2 capsules daily with food for prevention, hormonal acne, fibrocystic breasts, and to promote effortless periods and balances hormones, or as directed by a health practitioner.

4 capsules daily with food for endometriosis, fibroids, cysts, flooding periods, or as directed by a health practitioner.

How to Treat Acne With EstroSmart

Topical acne treatments are not designed to treat acne caused by hormone imbalances. In women hormonal acne occurs mid cycle and clears for a few days only to reappear again just after the period. Women with hormonal acne secrete DHEA and male hormones including testosterone in excessively high amounts during ovulation causing acne on the face, hair line, chin, chest and the back. No end of scrubbing and harsh topical treatments will alleviate this type of acne. Hormonal acne is not just a teenage problem. Hormonal acne is very common during the perimenopause years when incompetent ovulation occurs as you head towards menopause.

Estrosmart solves hormonal acne by balancing hormones naturally. It normalizes testosterone levels by encouraging the ovaries to function.

This product will eliminate hormonal acne within 2 full menstrual cycles. Doctors recommend the birth control pill to stop ovulation and therefore control acne but the Pill does not solve the underlying hormone imbalance.

Estrosmart not only clears acne but makes periods effortless, controls endometriosis, PCOS, ovarian and breast cysts and so much more. 

Who Needs Hormone Balancing Therapy?

All women but especially those who have been exposed to pesticides, herbicides and toxins.

Those with Estrogen Dominant Conditions including:

  • Endometriosis 
  • Fibrocystic breasts (benign breast disease) 
  • Peri-menopause 
  • Gallstones 
  • Hormonal Acne 
  • Obesity or weight problems 
  • Ovarian cysts 
  • Uterine fibroids 
  • Breast Cancer 
  • Ovarian Cancer 
  • PMS 
  • Hormone dependent cancers.

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