Cinnamon Honey

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Ingredients: Summer Blossom Creamed honey, cinnamon.

Testimonial from Prudence:

"I have to thank you for such a great product. My breakfast is not complete without a slice of wholewheat toast and your cinnamon honey." 

Note About Health Claims On Internet Regarding Cinnamon Honey:

As with many bee products advertised on the web, cinnamon honey has been marketed quite aggressively with many strong health claims attached to its use without much scientific support or proof.

Now, I get a bit nervous when I read articles about natural health products that claim to cure or treat such degenerative diseases as cancer or heart diseasewithout any mention of the sources of their information.  How about a study or some documented historical use or heck, even personal experience using the product?

Unfortunately, much of the information out there on cinnamon honey happens to fit this mold.  Now don't get me wrong - I don't believe every food with a health claim needs a double blind placebo controlled study to justify its use as a possible aid.

In fact, my dad the beekeeper and mom the apitherapist think enough of the raw honey and cinnamon combination that they've produced their own product.  And to be totally honest, it is the best tasting honey product I've ever tried!

When combined together, these two foods make absolute magic for your taste buds!  

So as always, use your common sense when taking information from this or any web site for that matter. Especially with matters of health.

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