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The Buzz E-Zine, Issue #003
January 03, 2010

It's Angela here from Bee Pollen Welcome to another issue of The Buzz, my free e-zine for Bee Pollen subscribers.

First of all - Happy New Year! I wish you much health, wealth and happiness in 2010. Speaking of health, I hope you'll let me assist you in your journey using bee pollen and the other amazing products of the hive in 2010. What better time than now to make a decision to take your health to the next level - naturally?

I'm so excited - we have a lot of exciting stuff happening at Bee Pollen Buzz for 2010. New products to offer, amazing new content for you and more! The world is figuring out what you already know - that bees offer some of the most powerful healing properties known to man. As a result, there is currently a ton of research being done on the healing properties of bee pollen, royal jelly and propolis. I promise you that I'm on top of it and will report to you anything from the hive that might improve your health.

Food for a Queen?

On that note, I've recently been researching the health benefits of a substance many of you may have already heard of - royal jelly (the food that is fed to the queen bee). To say that royal jelly is an exciting health compound is an understatement - it is truly amazing. And the research being done on it is staggering - there doesn't seem to be a health condition that royal jelly can't help!

Read more on the amazing health benefits of royal jelly

Are you worried about Cancer?

Who isn't these days?

As I've searched journal after journal looking for all of the latest research on bee products, I've come across some very exciting studies on cancer treatment and prevention using a product from the hive called propolis.

Read more here

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I know, I know...everyone is on Twitter these days. And maybe you are too. It is a pretty neat tool to get the information that you want to actually receive. I use it and admit that I'm slowly becoming addicted. (wink wink)

I will be sending out special offers to our Buzz subscribers as well as notice of exciting new content through Twitter in

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Special New Years Offer!

As a preferred member of Bee Pollen Buzz, we're offering all of our subscribers a $5.00 Off coupon for the month of January. I truly hope that it helps you kick off your 2010 health goals with a buzz! Its also a small thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me and Bee Pollen Buzz in thank you!

To use this coupon, simply enter coupon code promo3 in the coupon code box in the shopping cart after placing your order through Pay Pal.

Bee Healthy,


Oh, and keep all the exciting testimonials coming! I love hearing about your results using products of the hive. If you've got a great healing story, please email me!

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