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Stop colds and flu with propolis and boost metabolism with royal jelly
October 03, 2013

Angela here from Bee Pollen Welcome to another issue of The Buzz, our free e-zine covering natural health from the hive!

In this issue, we discuss how propolis is so effective at boosting your immune system by killing viruses and bacteria. We also look at a study suggesting royal jelly may boost your metabolism!

Also, mark this date on your calendar - October 15th. We're launching our first ever Bee Healthy 60 Day Challenge. Hopefully you can join us as I challenge and assist you in taking your health to a whole new, healthy level.

Protect Yourself From Cold and Flu Bugs

It's that time of year when cold and flu bugs start rearing their ugly heads again. How can you protect yourself and your family? The only way to prevent getting sick often this winter is by boosting and supporting your immune system. Fortunately, bees make a wonderful substance called propolis which has potent anti-viral and anti-bacterial capabilities.

Learn more here.

Royal Jelly Boosts Metabolism?

After a summer of pool parties and barbecues, do you need a little bit of assistance in trimming back down to your desired weight. If so, royal jelly just might be able to offer you some assistance.

Learn more here.

Join the 'Bee Healthy 60 Day Challenge'

Are you looking to boost your vitality, lose some weight, gently cleanse and detoxify and improve your skin?

If so, consider joining me for the first every Bee Healthy 60 Day Challenge. This is a guided and supported health challenge starting October 15th whereby you will be given a choice of three challenges - to Boost Vitality, Lose Weight or to Detoxify & Cleanse (you pick which one you'd like to focus on) Each protocol focuses on a different aspect of your health.

You will be given a set of 'healthy parameters' to live and eat within (rules) for 60 days. They will be challenging! I will guide and support you on a weekly basis by email. There will be a forum for healthy discussion and you'll have email access directly to me as I assist you in reaching your 'Bee Healthy' goals.

More details and sign up can be found here.

October Specials

October Specials along with some new products from Beauty and the Bee are now up! Beauty and the Bee is a new line of hand crafted, luscious bee-hive based soaps, creams and lip balms designed and produced by Dutchman's Gold.

Our very popular Total Hive Trio is on sale this month as it our new 'Low Thyroid Protocol.'

To view our October Specials, click here.

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