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Lose Weight With Royal Jelly and Stop the Flu with Propolis!
March 20, 2011

Greetings! Well, with Spring in the air I'm already starting to get questions from many of you poor allergy sufferer's out there. As a refresher, I'd suggest you read my article on Bee Pollen and Allergies.

It's got lots of tips on what to do to minimize the amount of suffering you go through this allergy season. Read it here.

Royal Jelly For Weight Loss?

A new study has just come out that indicates royal jelly may boost your metabolism!

Just in time for the summer! Read my latest article here.

Propolis Helps Kill the Flu Bug!

Do you recall the H1N1 Flu scare? Well, now you can protect yourself with the help of the bees!

A recent study has revealed that propolis has potent anti-influenza properties. Read my article here.

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It's also a place you can interact with me more easily. Post your questions and comments and also interact with fellow bee lovers.

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As always, Bee Healthy ~ Angela
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