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April 25, 2011

Welcome to another edition of The Buzz! Spring is definitely in the air and with it comes seasonal allergies for many. I recently came across this interesting video about a bee keeper who can't keep his raw honey in stock due to people flocking to him for allergy relief!

Watch this fascinating video here.

Amazing hair, skin and nails with bee pollen?

I continue to receive tremendous feedback from all over the world on the effectiveness of bee pollen for improving the health of your hair, skin and nails. Read this latest testimonial here.

Raw honey and diabetes?

Who would have thought that something so sweet could be so good for you? Raw honey even makes diabetic medications like metformin work better. Read more here.

Products for thyroid, skin and menopause now available!

I receive hundreds of emails from all over the world from people looking for advice on their health issues. And while the products of the hive can help with most issues, I found that there was a need for some extra help.

So I've decided to stock some 'condition specific' products from Lorna Vanderhaeghe Inc.. If you're having issues with sleep or menopause or adrenal health, we now have some products with therapeutic levels of support. We even have a product for thyroid health and something to further beautify your hair, skin and nails! Have a look here.

Propolis Boosts Bone Healing

The research on propolis continues to amaze me. A recent study showed the propolis boosts bone fracture healing. What could this mean for the potential of propolis as a substance to boost bone density? I suspect that in time it will be shown that propolis will help protect against the dreaded bone loss that occurs with age. Read about about the study here.

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Have a wonderful month! And as always, Bee Healthy ~ Angela
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