What is Royal Jelly?

So, what is Royal Jelly?

Well, in technical terms, it is a gelatinous secretion from the glands of worker honey bees that is fed to the queen bee.

Let me explain that to you in english!

Royal Jelly is believed to be the substance responsible for the queen bee's longevity and fertility. The queen bee grows 42% larger than the worker bee, lives five to seven years and lays over 2,000 eggs per day.

In many European countries it is referred to as bees' milk because of the similar protective effect to mothers milk it has.

So it is a ultra powerful substance - the bee larvae undergo a tremendous growth spurt when bathed in it. 

How is Royal Jelly Produced?

Royal jelly is produced by stimulating colonies with movable frame hives to produce queen bees.

The jelly is collected from each individual queen cell (honeycomb) when the queen larvae are about four days old. It is collected from these cells because these are the only cells in which large amounts are deposited.

A well-managed hive during a season of 5–6 months can produce approximately 500 g of royal jelly.

It is very important to know and trust the supplier of your royal jelly as it is extremely perishable. Make sure when buying fresh royal jelly that the product has been refrigerated or frozen upon collection.

How is Royal Jelly Available to Consume?

Royal Jelly is quite a popular food and nutritional supplement today as word has spread of how effective it is for many health conditions. It can be found for sale in several different ways:

1) Fresh Frozen (this is the most natural form available and how I recommend most people take it)

In this form, the RJ has not been dried or processed in any way and has been handled minimally, preserving the vitality of the product.

2) Powdered Concentrate

3) Capsules 

Tips on how to safely buy royal jelly 

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