Using Bee Pollen for animal allergies?

by Kelsey
(Courtenay, BC, Canda)

I'm wondering if using bee pollen for my animal allergies will be effective? I do not suffer from any pollen allergies but I am fairly allergic to horses and am mildly allergic to my recently adopted dog. I have been reading and doing a little bit of research and for the most part I am finding websites linking bee pollen to be good for pollen allergies.

Whats your take?

Angela's Comments:

You are correct in that bee pollen is most often used for pollen based allergies. But, we have had some success using bee pollen for other allergies. The reason I suspect that pollen can be effective for other allergies is due to its ability to balance and modulate the immune system. What this means is that pollen has the ability to calm an overactive immune system or stimulate an under active. People with allergies tend to have over reactive immune systems - they ingest a substance and their immune system, being over active, reacts when it need not to. Hence the allergy response to harmless substances such as horse and dog hair. My husband is a perfect example of this. He has confirmed allergies to pollens, grasses, trees, dogs, mold and more. But when he took bee pollen and followed a strict diet (dairy free), his allergies all but disappeared.

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