Sinuses issues and raw honey

by Robin S.

I have been suffering from sinusitis for a couple years now...tried the doctor route of antibiotics and steroids...was thinking I was going to have to go to an allergist....but simply hate taking is not bad everyday but I suffer more days than not...nothing will gets stuck in my head and sinus cavity and causes teeth pain...then had someone tell me about the all natural raw honey and happened to have some in the house...I was told one tsp but as severe as mine is I was wondering the different ways and how often I should take a tsp....I started with a tsp on Friday....yesterday it drained all day long...throat was very raw so I did 2 it is still moving but can fill teeth pain much should I do in a day and is there some way I can use it to wash the nasal cavity out?? Any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!

Miserable and needing relief in South Texas~!!

Angela's Comments:

First of all, so sorry that you're having to deal with this sinus issue. My heart goes out to you. I'd be happy to make some recommendations. I would start with 1 full tablespoon of raw honey each morning. Make sure it is real, raw honey though. Non-pasteurized, non-filtered, non-heated. After ten days, reassess. If you are improving, stick with one tablespoon. If not, try 2 tablespoons, one in the morning, one in the evening. I have listed a recent study on raw honey and sinus help down below for your reference.

I would also recommend you get yourself some high quality bee propolis tincture. Propolis is a wonderful anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory and has good activity in the mouth and sinus area. It is also helpful with allergies.

Being a nutritionist at heart, I can't help but make one very important dietary recommendation to you. This has helped more of my clients than I can count as well as many of my friends and family members - eliminate all dairy out of your diet for ten days and see if your symptoms improve. I am willing to bet that they will! So, that includes all cow's milk, cheese and yogurt.

Raw Honey Kills Bacteria That Cause Chronic Sinusitis

Do you have chronic sinus issues?
A new study from researchers at the University of Amsterdam shows honey to be effective in killing bacteria that cause chronic sinusitis. Chronic sinusitis affects millions of people every year.

In chronic sinusitis, the mucous membranes in the sinus cavities become inflamed, causing headaches, stuffy nose, and difficulty breathing.

Though it can be caused by allergies, chronic sinusitis can also be caused by bacteria that colonize in the nose and sinuses.

What I suggest for people suffering with sinus issues is to consume 1 to 2 tablespoons of quality raw honey per day on its own or in herbal tea.

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Oct 29, 2017
by: Anonymous

Hi i had very bad sinus for years. My religion focused on raw honey and i believed on it. Take 1 tablespoon of honey in a cup of warm water make sure empty stomach in morning. You can also do same at night. Also i used my finger and put very very tiny piece of honey in my nose and look on roof for few seconds and pain gone. It is very helpful for sinus. Try it.

Sep 26, 2017
honey really does help with sinus pain
by: Anonymous

Hi there,
I use to have severe sinus headaches, it felt like my head was being crushe. I was using Beconase nasal spray which had side affects. One morning i,d run out of my spray & had a mild ( unusual )headache, I happen to be having my breakfast of porridge oats. This may sound weird but it was as though I was being told to put honey on my oats instead of my usual banana. I used the honey & within about 2 hours the headache had gone. Tried just the honey when I had another headache & the same thing happened.
Now if I get a headache I just take a teaspoon of honey & hay presto the headaches gone, I don, t need any more proofthan that & no side affects.

Jun 24, 2017
God plus nature
by: Anonymous

Hey, I'll share my experience with you in regards to sinuses. I had facial pain, ear ache, stomachache, white tongue...All of a sudden I lost my voice, consequently my work...Doctors kept prescribing antibiotics, proton pump inhibitors, antiacids, tests many of them until one day I noticed how after half an hour of a medication my throat was so dry I couldn't swollow and that was it I gave up there and then all medications and started praying and kept alert for God's guidance and in the span of few months I was led step by step of the healing. Started with my digestion which was badly messed up thanks to medications. So I had probiotics and enzymes. I protected my throat with honey, slippery elm and marshmallow root. After that followed the sinuses, found pressure points, lymph drainage techniques and ginger steam. That last was incredibly helpful like it opened my nose, I haven't breathed so freely for years. My nose sense become so strong I could smell both good and bad stuff lol God is my saviour. Doctors wondered at my stubbornness and kept pressing me for meds. I said no. God is powerful and his creation the herbs and everything natural marvelous. He is my creator and saviour and as such He knows every fiber in me and what I need to get healed. Thanks Jesus,thanks God. The light came when I compared human creation (meds) with God's creation (herbs). Natural healing is so underestimated but of course meds turnover is a lot bigger, isn't it.

Mar 11, 2016
Honey and the nose
by: Anonymous

I have been diagnosed with asthma. Every time I had an attack I would end up on antibiotics and steroids. My insurance man told me of an old indian remedy he had heard of and that is how he cured his severe sinus problem. You lay back and using a q tip put honey into each nostril. It will sting a little; but in seconds you will feel it flow through the sinus area and into the throat. I do this several times a day. Also putting Vicks on your forhead and along each side of your nose and then put a wash cloth wrung out in hot water over your face will help too. I have done this seven times now when I feel like I'm coming down with a cold or asthma attack. I feel rather punk for about four day; but the fifth day it is over and I feel good again. At least I have found a way to stop the awful attacks.

Dec 12, 2015
Suffering with Sinus
by: Cindy

Had the cold/flu crud going around, after 9 days dealing with it haven't been able to shake the sinus problems, thick won't move, headache, pressure, cough. Our daughter in-law told me take honey. I thought I would research some aticles on it first. Ran across your website after reading I am going to give it a try. It's not I doubt my daughter in-law she is very knowledgeable on Bees. Our son and daughter in-law have their own bee farm. (Pastel Farm) Their raw unfiltered honey is amazing. I will. Be sharing your website, I know several people that would benefit from it. Thank you for Bee Buzz

May 26, 2015
Sinus pain relief
by: George

I have been dealing with sinus issues for three weeks now. My symptoms were exactly as you described. Unbearable pressure in my eyes and ears pain in my teeth and the worst part was the brain fog that I was overcome with. I refused to go to another general practitioner who was going to hand me a script for an antibiotic. After scouring the Internet for a natural remedy I went to my local farm market and bought 32oz of raw honey. Surprisingly there was no directions on the jar regarding dosage for my ailments. I took 3 to 5 oz of honey with every meal starting at 5 am. I eat five to six meals daily that are grain and dairy free. By noon on the second day I felt my head start to clear. My eyes and ears were relieved from the pressure and I could feel the pain subside. I did not change any part of my daily routine other than adding the honey. Lots of it. I can't see any risk in what some would consider excessive amounts of honey but, whatever they are I'm sure it's wouldn't be as bad as pressure in your head and face for weeks at a time. I was thinking medicinal doses of honey not serving sizes. Now that I'm healing I plan on including a serving a day to hopefully keep allergies a bay. Good luck I home this was helpful.

Wonderful to hear George and thank you for sharing!


Sep 08, 2014
link to study?
by: john

hi angela-

i have been suffering from nasal polyps for 10 years now. about to have my 4th surgery.

i have eliminated some, but not all, of the things that cause me problems.

i am reading a lot about local organic honey and bee pollen. but, i have not come across any clinical studies. your article is the first i have heard of a 'true' study.

do you have a link possibly to the study you mention?

i ask because most of the 'legitimate' info (mayo, ent medscape, etc) say there is no proven studies yet that one can get relief. in fact, many say that you should be careful with bee pollen because it can cause severe allergic reactions. me = one with an epipen. lol i have had to go to the hospital 2x's due to allergic reactions.

anyway, thanks for the article. i think i will try the local raw honey route for now.



Jul 02, 2014
Saline rinse
by: Anonymous

You can get a Neilmedi sinus irrigator that is absolutely awesome. It has two isotonic saline packets that will not cause burning in your sinuses like regular salt. I had a literal sinus infection in one of my maxillary sinuses for 3 yrs so bad that the drainage had a horrible odor, the ENT thought it was a tumor or nasal polyp but turns out it was a horrible infection that filled the entire maxillary sinus on one side! I use it twice per day.

Mar 22, 2013
Dairy is Number One Problem
by: Lynn P.

I am a sufferer with sinus infections, post-nasal drip, headaches, and all things sinus. Dairy foods is what does it to me. My son is the same way. We both love cheese and milk products but it kills the sinuses. Even a little can cause problems. Additionally, prepared meats like salami, bacon or anything with nitrites in them, such as wine, can cause issues. But the dairy has to go before anything else. You will notice relief within 24 hours.

Feb 09, 2013
Nasal drip...
by: Boo

I have a really irritating cough,mainly at night, which my Doctor says is a Sinus nasal drip,(lovely!), I have had it for a few weeks, Antibiotics did not clear it up, nor Beconase,(steroid nasal spray), or another nasal spray, I used to take New Era tissue salts, for sinus problems, but am unable to get it at the moment, it is being (regulated) so I am hoping to get more later in the year!... I wonder if the salts has masked it all these years?, anyway, I am taking another nasal spray, (reluctantly) BUT, I am going to try the Manuka honey, I was given while trying to find some Raw, locally,I will try to update this site with any positive results.

Jan 18, 2013
Honey for sinusitis
by: Gary Lindemann

Many years ago I read that American Indians used honey for healing many medical issues.

I am currently suffering with sinusitis now and am starting with a tablespoon of honey. I will let you all know how it works out. Not sure how scientifically founded this honey method is but I need some relief.

Last Tuesday I saw an ENT-PA(that is an Ear Nose and Throat Physicians Assistant) and she prescribed Fexofenadine/180 MG. Today is Friday and have not had much relief. The headache goes all over the place in my head.

Gary Lindemann
Conyers, Georgia

Angela's Comments:

Hi Gary,
If I may suggest one other remedy, get yourself a large nasal syringe and some saline (salt). Gently rinsing/flushing the sinuses with a saline solution really helps flush the sinuses of the infection. My husband has used this method with great success. You can find kits that sell the syringe and salt together at health food stores or online.

Bee healthy,

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