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Bee Pollen Buzz
Prices in effect June 27th thru July 31st, 2013.

So Ho Mish
Facial Cream
250 ml

• After-sun moisturizer

• Soothes sun burn

• With Royal Jelly,
Raw Honey
and Propolis

• Results Guaranteed

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Bee Body Cream 120 ml

• After-sun
body cream

• Soothes and
heals sun burn

• Heals dry,
cracked skin

• Treats all
stubborn skin

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Tea Lites
"Buzz Off"
with Citronella

• Keep insects

• 100% natural

• Deet free

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• Create radiant,
glowing skin in
30 days or less

• Eliminate
wrinkles and
dry skin

• Slow aging

• Boost nail, skin
and hair growth

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Save $14.98

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• Remove cancer
causing toxins

• Cleanse and

• PCOS and
Ovarian cysts

• Eliminates PMS
and heavy periods

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Acne Eliminator Protocol

• Treat
adult acne

• Eliminate
hormonal acne

• 100% natural
and safe

• Guaranteed results

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Raw Honey
2.2 lb size

• Unpasteurized and unfiltered

• Direct from the hives of Dutchmans Gold

• Raw Superfood

• Sustainably produced

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Manuka Honey
Gel Cleanser

• Deep, gentle

• 100% natural

• Safe for
all skin types

• With Aloe Vera
and Vitamin E

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Prices in effect June 27th thru July 31st, 2013.
Bee Pollen Buzz

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