After Menopause and Beyond

by Brigadoon


I spent the morning going through Royden Brown's wonderful books (I had the privilege of meeting him and his family many many years ago - he was my mentor in learning about the bees)

Since he passed away a few years ago (he had a accident in his swimming pool at his home while working out) For some reason I slowly stopped doing his program.

After going through menopause I started on the "add things to a program" that truly did not work - (so I kept adding things and trying things).

Over the past several months I have gone on and off Royden's Bee Pollen and Royal Jelly plan and Raw egg drink - and now that I truly "see the light" and realized without a doubt for me none of the other things I tried worked much less made any real difference.

After going down memory lane with the wonderful information from Royden Brown's books - and being completely worn out in every aspect I am going back on his program and fully committed to becoming the person I was many years ago and returning to "a woman of essence" in every way - this can "ONLY be achieved with the products from the hive" and eating a raw egg drink every day as he prescribed.

When I look back at how I felt with this program - strong, healthy, and alive with hormones that actually work - I simply said "that was and will be me".


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